DropZone Shocks – What You Should Know

Published: 20th June 2011
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There are quite a few well-known and highly popular names on the market for professional car parts, and DropZone are among the ones that attract the most attention – especially with their shocks which have become quite popular in some circles. However, some people tend to question the popularity of DropZone, attributing it to a vocal minority trying to make the brand look good. Where does the truth lie though?

The truth about DropZone shocks is that they aren’t for everyone – you may think that you can benefit from a set of professional springs in your car which you take to the tracks every now and then, but the truth is that DropZone shocks are designed for those who know how to use them, simple as that. And that group includes professional drivers and noone else.

The benefits attached to using DropZone shocks lie in the unique damping design – using nitro gas, the shocks perform remarkably well in dampening even some more serious impacts. In addition, the springs are specifically designed to be suitable for lowered cars. Lowering your car is something you’d want to do if you’re an avid racer and want to get every last drop of performance out of your vehicle – in this case, dropping its height by a few inches will likely work miracles. If you only drive around town and don’t do any racing though, spending money on DropZone springs will be as worthless as lowering your car or installing a turbocharger – the only use you’ll have for those would be to impress your friends, but you’ll never see any action from those elements in the city’s streets (if you’re driving responsibly of course).

One of the things we particularly liked about the DropZone shocks are that they produce far less heat compared to regular oil and gas-based shocks, even under some really rigorous conditions. We can attribute that to the nitro design as well as the wide internal cylinder which lets the shocks cool off far more efficiently. The decreased heat means, of course, better and more predictable performance while you’re straining your car, and less need for maintenance in general – since heat is pretty much the primary cause for shocks to degrade in quality over time.

DropZone shocks are compatible with a wide variety of brands and models as well, which is always a plus when it comes to professional car parts. Not only that, but the company actually seems ready to provide you with assistance and a customized product tailored to your needs if you need them.

Last but not least, support is something DropZone’s manufacturers are offering on a far greater level than many professional parts manufacturers – you actually get a full lifetime warranty for your DropZone shocks, ensuring that whatever goes wrong (and wasn’t your fault, of course), you can turn to the company for assistance. We haven’t had to make use of this so far, thankfully, but we can safely say it’s one of the features that attracted us in the first place.

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